2017 Fall Big Hole Results:

Men’s Scratch Division
 Gross    Net Place
Halbert, Lenon, Schmidt, McGinnis 55 55 1st
Berner, Plane, Gavintinkey, Fairley 56 56 T2
Neracher, Crawford, Torrey, Scott 56 56 T2
Stewart, Dunphey, Dolfi, Braithwaite 56 56 T2
White, White, Cornelius, Simatos 56 56 T2
Magnan, Magnan, Magnan, Kievit 56 51 T2
Frost, Stewart, Bonzheim, Bonzheim 56 49 T2
Cook, Cook, Parker, Rose 57 49 T8
Weaver, Weaver, Bush, Markley 57 50 T8
Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson 57 57 T8
Drenty, Timmerman, Cravens, Gernaat 57 57 T8
Popma, Harger, Buckout, Scott 57 57 T8
Newcomb, Carson, Robbie, Mitch 57 57 T8
Hollman, Deyoung, Hollman, Dewitt 57 57 T8
Men’s Handicap Division  Gross    Net  Place
Vist, Jansen, Jansen, Turner 57 44 T1
Heemstra, Heemstra, Crow, Ostlund 58 44 T1
Drake, Martin, Ripley, Lininger 56 46 T3
Gallager, Toepper, Sorrell, Toepper 57 46 T3
Kirk, Schaller, Hilligos, Watson 59 47 T5
Powers, Rowekamp, Wineman, Hogie 61 47 T5
Buttery, Devries, Scott, Booker 58 47 T5
Filmore, Filmore, Filmore, Filmore 58 47 T5
Stapert, Stapert, Noppen, Schouwburg 58 48 9
Myers, Mulder, Lubben, Stapert 58 49 T10
Frederick, Frederick, Ringler, Ringler 62 49 T10
Clark, Schroeder, Oxender, Monroe 59 49 T10
Couples Scratch Division  Gross   Net Place
Magnan, Moratti, Moratti, Blacken 60 60 T1
Oxender, Thomas 60 46 T1
Couples Handicap Division  Gross    Net  Place
Gerds, Deyoung 60 42 1st
Veneklase, Bartells 62 46 2nd

Crestview Golf Club is a beautiful 18-hole course that is fun and challenging for all ages and skill levels.  With almost 6300 yards from the blue tees this par 70 golf course will keep the low handicap players on their toes and the less challenging 5500-yard Gold tees will keep players with a higher handicap coming back for more.  Crestview is always striving to improve the course conditions and the way the course plays so be prepared to see many changes year after year.


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New Course Layout

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Crestview Golf Club
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Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Phone: 269-349-1111
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